Customer Reviews

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  • KP

    “My experience with Chan Wright Insurance Agency was amazing. Margaret Dillard assisted me in obtaining auto and renter’s insurance. She was very professional, knowledgeable, patient and kind while working with me. Best experience I have had in 30 years!

  • AH

    “Chan has always been the easiest and most helpful with questions. I have asked him so many things pertaining to insurance, rentals, and the area of RDU and Chapel Hill. He has always gotten back to me right away and helped me to the best of his ability. I would recommend his company to anyone who is looking for a great and knowledgeable person. ”

  • SP

    “Chan is extremely helpful and responsive! He got me the best quote I could find and set me up with auto and renter’s insurance in no time! Highly recommend!”

  • RM

    “Chan has been my insurance agent for the past four years and has been fantastic. After grad school, I had not had car insurance for two years since I was living in a city without a car, and Chan did me a favor and wrote a favorable policy. Since then, I’ve gotten married and added my wife’s car and other policies, including homeowners’ insurance. Chan has always been incredibly friendly, responsive, and straightforward. He takes a long-term approach and looks out for our interests, explaining how he would approach each decision if in our shoes. I really like the policies and rates that he’s able to offer through Erie, as well. I recommend Chan without reservation! ”

  • JG

    “Highly recommend. Chan runs this place like a top and is always available to answer my insurance questions. I appreciate his opinions and feedback as I inquire about insurance options that I ask him about.”

  • LH

    “I highly recommend Chan Wright at Erie Insurance. He is always professional, prompt in response and works hard for you to get the best rates possible. I have been with him over 5yrs.”

  • TL

    “Chan has a great, customer-oriented attitude and was a big help when we were getting it all together to buy a house. I’d recommend Chan Wright Insurance to anyone in the Triangle.”

  • AE

    “I recommend Chan to anyone asking about insurance. He is incredibly responsive, offers great advice and finds very reasonable rates.”

  • Joel Lieberman

    “Been with Chan for over three years now and I recommend him to anyone. He’s always quick to respond to my e-mails, and while I haven’t been to his office since the initial sign-up, I remember feeling quite comfortable talking to him in person. A down-to-earth, good-natured person who I’m happy to give my business to.”

  • NF

    “Chan handles my insurance on my house, rental property, cars, and jewelry! If you want excellent customer service and rates, Chan is your man! I know that I can call or email him anytime and get a timely response. He is the best of the best, I highly recommend him!”

  • Will Strickland

    “I’ve had Chan as my insurance agent for about 3 years now. I’d never go back to another company if I could help it. He gave me around a 1.5x lower rate than my previous ‘low rate’ insurance company. Not only is the cost low, but Chan is also a pleasure to work with. He’s friendly and very responsive to any claims or needs that you might have. Definitely recommended.”

  • Adam Cribbs

    “I have been using Chan for a few years now and couldn’t be happier. Any time I contact him he is quick to return my call/email and actually takes the time to explain and help out however he can. In addition he got me an awesome rate and really provides everything our family would want in an Insurance Agent. I can’t see myself ever changing from him.”

  • DC

    “We’ve used Chan for years. He’s always quick to respond when we need him. We still shop him every couple of years and but he keeps our business. You should give him a shot.”

  • BB

    “Chan Wright does an excellent job. As a realtor and loan officer I have sent Chan a ton of business over the past 5 years. All of my clients tell me they cannot believe the prices he can offer and how much he has saved them versus their current carriers. Price is not Chan’s best feature though, his service is by far the best in the business. He takes time to listen and recommend what products would fit your needs the best and which ones are unnecessary. If you ever have to file a claim with a policy he services you will be impressed. He will be by your side from start to finish. My family has had to file an auto claim and a homeowners claim. Both were handled swiftly, professional, with Chan keeping in touch with us until our car was fixed(3 days) and the check was in our hands on the homeowners(a week). I have used many different insurance companies and agents over the years for auto, homeowners, liability, and rental policies. Chan Wright simply cannot be beat.”